About Me

Hi, I'm Julia, or Julie, or Jules.

I am a marine data scientist: a marine scientist using open data science principles and tools.

I earned my PhD at Stanford University studying the behavior of Humboldt squid, and am now at NCEAS and the University of California at Santa Barbara with the Ocean Health Index.

Julia Stewart Lowndes, PhD

email: lowndes at nceas.ucsb.edu

github: @jules32

twitter: @juliesquid


Blogs and Talks

Bridging marine science with open data science.
All materials are available online; workshops and tutorials can serve as self-paced courses.
Also see our marine data science in action: ohi-science.org/news.

Better science in less time using open data science tools — invited talk at Cal State University Monterey Bay 2017-12-04

Software Carpentry — 2-day workshop at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) 2017-11-30 (Intro to data science book)

Reproducible Research: Better science in less time — invited webinar for DataONE 2017-10-10

Better science in less time using data science tools: How open data science tools have improved our science — invited talk at Cal Poly 2017-09-29

Better science in less time — website to accompany our Nature Ecology & Evolution publication 2017-05-23

Better science in less time — open data science for marine science and management — talk at NCEAS Roundtable 2017-05-24 [video]

Transforming how we approach marine science for management — talk at EBM Tools Network Webinar 2017-05-02 [video]

Making free websites with RStudio’s R Markdown — tutorial at NCEAS 2016-12-14

Better science in less time using data science tools — talk at WSN Conference 2016-11-15

Being a marine data scientist — invited talk at Stanford’s Hopkins Marine Station 2016-10-21 [video]

Resources for R and Data Science — blog 2016-09-29

Software Carpentry: Reproducible Science with RStudio and GitHub — 2-day workshop at Oxford University 2016-07-12

Software Carpentry — 2-day workshop at UC Santa Barbara 2016-04-15

“Open science” and why it matters — blog 2016-04-03

Introduction to RStudio Awesomeness — blog 2016-02-14

The Ocean Health Index and Shiny — talk at RStudio’s Shiny Conference 2016-01-30 [video] [blog]

Publications and Media